Friday, 14 February 2020

Perfect Portrait

Kia ora Bloggers!

It's that time of year where teachers make us draw portraits! Arrgghhhh, I am terrible at drawing but maybe because this year it is more abstract it won't be so bad.

It's also about my interests, my culture so that people can learn a bit about me.
Here it is...

As you can see, I have a dog, she is called Mika and is a Springer Spaniel. I have a family, I have 2 children. I like going to the gym and going skiing.
My family is from Russia, Scotland and the UK. I have included the Silver Fern as I live in NZ.

The artist that this portrait style is based upon is Romero Britto, have you heard of him or seen any of his art work? They are really bright and fun.

See you again.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Beautiful Bar Graphs

Kia ora Bloggers!
Welcome back to the new year and my first blog post. I hope you all had a great summer break, personally I am not ready for summer to leave, and the autumn leaves to fall...I love the sun!

So, maths.
It seems simple, but drawing a bar graphs was surprisingly difficult. I had forgotten, or maybe I never knew, how to draw a proper bar graph.

Here is my first attempt.

I know right, not great. I had forgotten so many things, but I did label my axis!

So I now have a checklist;

  • Scale starting at 0 and going up equally
  • Gaps between the bars, even the y axis
  • Labelling my axis
  • A detailed title
  • The frequency numbers on the lines, not in the squares 
  • Use a ruler
I tried again and BOOM! my second attempt is so much better!

What do you think? So . much better, eh! 

Have you started your math programme yet? What are you learning? 

See you next time.

Monday, 2 December 2019

Hola! Conversations in Spanish!!

Morena Bloggers,

We have been learning spanish, it has been AMAZING. We have learned so much, here is a snippet of basic conversations between two characters.

I hope you like it.

Have you learned a language this year?

Monday, 14 October 2019

*Example post* Last Term - New Goals

Kia ora Bloggers,

So here we are, 14 October and the start of the countdown to the end of the year.
I have worked hard already, and this term is no different.

My number knowledge is a big thing I am going to be working on, at home and at school. I am working on Brick 21, 22 and 23. This means I have to work on learning my division rules of 3 and 9s, also factors, primes and multiples.

A link to the work I will be doing to practise these skills are
Factors and multiples

I am going to do my best to work on the a couple of times a week. I go on my computer at least an hour a day, and so I am going to spend 10 minutes before I do anything, working on these skills. I am going to try to, anyway!

Do you have any specific goals this term?

See ya in a few weeks when I review these goals, and hopefully get some number knowledge Brocks signed off :o)

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Oranutan's habitats being destroyed for Palm Oil plantations

For writing this term we are looking at persuasive language. This is an animation to persuade
you that the orangutans need protecting. Their environment is being destroyed for the
production of Palm Oil We can stop this by not buying products, that contain Palm oil.

By Bella and Brooke

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Powerful People

Toroa spent term 1 looking at the impact that people have made to the world. We asked big questions suc as, 'If you are powerful do you have influence?', 'Can you have influence without having power?', 'How do people use their power?'

From this learning, and discussion, students were invited to choose not only who they wanted to research, but also what to create to show learning.
There were no limits to what the students could do as an exhibit.

Engaging the students in what they were interested in was a huge success, as the learned about who they were passionate about, and they created in a way they were interested in too. Engagement was high, and the outcomes were fantastic.

We had an Expo to show and share the hub's work. Here are some images of the work.

Please leave any questions in the comments section. 

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Survivor day 4

A fun filled day 4 of activities for Survivor!
Baseball maths, Atlas Challenges, Battle Ball, Afghan cooking! You name it, it's all go in Toroa!

Kahu Kiwi trying to master their spaghetti tower!

Korowai students channelling their inner Bob Ross!

welcome to the snake pit! Harakeke make a statement with their flag!

#FearTheBear! Kahu Kiwi runs strong with their spirit!

Whitau making quite the contraption.

Mr G running the atlas challenge! (Remember those...?)

Korowai thinking about eating their tower.... (Yum!)

Digging for gold! Trying to find M & M's through the cream! Hope you're not dairy intolerant! (don't worry they are not...)

Tristan testing out his  strength and balancing skills!

Ben's been hitting the weight room! 1st place for Harakeke!

Bring on the last day of survivor. Where we will see who will be crowned top house!